About the Podcast

Delenn Jadzia is currently the producer of a TTRPG podcast, currently on hiatus.

Chaotic Queer

Chaotic Queer is an actual-play TTRPG podcast following the adventures of a group of college students in fantasy worlds. Arc one, The Forbidden Sight, is a high fantasy tale DMed by Delenn; the upcoming second arc is a story based on the SCP wiki and will be GMed by Madeleine.

Available on Apple Podcasts. Tune in for lots of laughs and fun, both dicey and dice-based.

Episode 1.1

The campaign opens on a party of four seeking to rescue a young girl from a cave near the small town of Holden.

Episode 1.2

In Ardglass, the party meets The Duchess, a woman who inquires after their help gathering magical artifacts.

Episode 1.8

In this double-episode and the story finale of campaign one, the party attempts to solve a puzzle like no other.

Episode 1.9

The final episode of campaign one! The players tie up their loose ends, argue with fictional family, and flirt with uncomfortable NPCs.