About the Author

Delenn Jadzia is a young-adult science fiction and fantasy author.

About the Author

Delenn Jadzia is a young adult sci-fi and fantasy author. Her third novel, Read This and Run, was released on January 31st, three days after her nineteenth birthday. Delenn’s first novel, To Survive the Labyrinth, was released when she was fifteen years old, and her second novel, Chaos Squad, came out two years after. Delenn is currently hoping that her new university courses don’t get in the way of her current biennial book release schedule.

Read This And Run

Jessica Wiste is perfectly content with making everyone around her worried. The proper place for a teen-age girl is not in the woods adventuring, at least according to her mother and father, but it is her favorite place to be. Even her best friend Scotty occasionally comes to the conclusion that she is in far over her head at most times. Disapproval aside, when she finds the diary of a young girl from 1891, Jessica can't stop herself from trying to solve the decades-old mystery hidden inside.

After all, what else is a forties girl to do?

Chaos Squad

"This is the story of how I almost ended the world, and just barely saved it."

Vera Hutch, call sign Jupiter, joined Earth’s last line of defense against the invading X when she was only ten years old. When the war came to a grinding halt, Jupiter and her squad found themselves in a world completely different from the one in which they were raised. Tracing relations inside of the girls’ squadron and the post-invasion military of her generation, Jupiter tries to unravel the biggest mystery of her time: Where did the X go?

To Survive the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth was created to punish. Those sent in were not expected to return. Criminals must be held accountable for their actions. They were no longer welcome in society.

Then a boy and his sisters were condemned, and everything changed.

A Week After Forever

"Two months into my pregnancy, four days before the zombies, ten seconds before he died."

In a world filled with threats, sometimes the real danger is not what it seems.

Praise for Delenn Jadzia

"This is an amazing book with the mix of a battlefield mindset and teen angst... rather than focusing on [characters'] sexuality or gender representation, Jadzia allows the main story to continue, making a realistic setting for groups of LGBT youth." - Michael Stinson on Chaos Squad

"A really fun Science Fiction novel... urgent and thrilling... If you love to read stories that have adventures, plenty of silliness, as well as colorful characters with very distinctive personalities and backgrounds then this is the book for you." - Sarah C. on Chaos Squad