Delenn Jadzia

Interdisciplinary Creator

An Introduction

Musician, author, and academic

Delenn Jadzia is a creative based in Santa Barbara, California. They have released a variety of different genres of work ranging from fiction novels to original music and photography.

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Personal Info


M.A. English

Arizona State University, 2023

B.A. Writing & Literature and Chemistry

UC Santa Barbara, College of Creative Studies, 2021

B.A. Anthropology

UC Santa Barbara, College of Letters & Sciences, 2021


A person in a sild slip is submerged in a spring, holding a flaming bouquet of flowers, reminiscent of Ophelia.
Romantic Suicide

Delenn Jadzia Eric Hart

A guitar folk-pop song about passionate and encompassing love.

Guitar performed by Eric Hart, written and composed by Delenn Jadzia.

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A person in a rainbow dress is submerged in water, floating at the bottom of a swimming pool.
September (Exhalation Song)

Delenn Jadzia

A ukulele bedroom pop song about longing and summertime sadness.

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A person in a cheerleading outfit is covered in blood.
Carbon Monoxide (feat. Uncle Emmington)

Delenn Jadzia Uncle Emmington

A ukulele pop song about a toxic relationship.

Ukulele performed by Delenn Jadzia, lyrics written by Delenn Jadzia, and composed by Em Kirby and Delenn Jadzia.

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A person in a denim dress stretches out an arm towards a semi-transparent hand, reminiscent of The Creation of Man
Finding God (with LSD)

Delenn Jadzia

A story song about a young person's breakup from a long-distance situationship.

"Delenn Jadzia weaves a captivating narrative, relying solely on their haunting vocals and delicate guitar performance to convey a myriad of emotions... a testament to the power of one voice and one instrument to captivate and move us" - Arizona Bay Music

Guitar performed by Delenn Jadzia, song written and composed by Delenn Jadzia.

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A person in androgynous clothing sits in a grassy field

Delenn Jadzia

A story song about a young woman committing suicide.

Guitar performed by Delenn Jadzia, song written and composed by Delenn Jadzia.

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A person with a Greek gown and a crown of snakes gazes blankly over the camera, eyes a faded grey

Delenn Jadzia Eric Hart

A story song about the mythical Medusa being a lesbian and having a blind girlfriend. Acoustic guitar and vocal track for all the queer Classicists out there.

Guitar performed by Eric Hart, written and composed by Delenn Jadzia.

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A baby sits in a snowsuit in the snow

Delenn Jadzia Eric Hart

A melancholic acoustic guitar lullaby about overcoming hardship and surviving.

"The lyric reads like a traditional folk song with a wisdom beyond its years, as if it has already passed from generation to generation" - Teri Woods, Moths and Giraffes

Guitar performed by Eric Hart, written and composed by Delenn Jadzia.

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A person sits on a rope swing.
Bittersweet (feat. piper wildwood)

Delenn Jadzia Piper Wildwood

A story song about an aging lesbian's life.

Guitar performed by Piper Wildwood, lyrics written by Delenn Jadzia and composed by Piper Wildwood.

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A young scientist startled by flames from a beaker in front of them
A Mad Experiment in Living

Delenn Jadzia Preston Towers Gina Pletschet Hannah Z Morley

An indie pop album featuring acoustic instrumentation combined with vulnerable and occasionally dark lyricism.

Guitar and ukulele performed by Preston Towers, co-written with lyrics and composition from G. Pletschet and lyrics from Hannah Z Morley.

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Four young people dressed in Renaissance outfits with a logo for the film Homebrewed: A Musical Quest
Homebrewed: A Musical Quest

Delenn Jadzia Preston Towers

Homebrewed is an all-original musical following a high-school tabletop roleplaying group as they attempt to understand, accept, and share their identities with those around them. It features eight songs composed by Preston Towers and Delenn Jadzia, with lyrics written by the same creators, and script written by Hannah Morley and Delenn Jadzia. The film emphasizes representation of queer youth and their stories in the media.

Music videos for five of the songs are available to view and the cast album is available on Bandcamp.

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The cover image for the novel Read This and Run by Delenn Jadzia
Read This and Run

Delenn Jadzia

Jessica Wiste is perfectly content with making everyone around her worried. The proper place for a teen-age girl is not in the woods adventuring, at least according to her mother and father, but it is her favorite place to be. Even her best friend Scotty occasionally comes to the conclusion that she is in far over her head at most times. Disapproval aside, when she finds the diary of a young girl from 1891, Jessica can't stop herself from trying to solve the decades-old mystery hidden inside.

After all, what else is a forties girl to do?

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The cover image for the novel Chaos Squad by Delenn Jadzia
Chaos Squad

Delenn Jadzia

"This is the story of how I almost ended the world, and just barely saved it."

Vera Hutch, call sign Jupiter, joined Earth’s last line of defense against the invading X when she was only ten years old. When the war came to a grinding halt, Jupiter and her squad found themselves in a world completely different from the one in which they were raised. Tracing relations inside of the girls’ squadron and the post-invasion military of her generation, Jupiter tries to unravel the biggest mystery of her time: Where did the X go?

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The cover image for the novel To Survive the Labyrinth by Delenn Jadzia

To Survive the Labyrinth

Delenn Jadzia

The Labyrinth was created to punish. Those sent in were not expected to return. Criminals must be held accountable for their actions. They were no longer welcome in society.

Then a boy and his sisters were condemned, and everything changed.

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